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Hand-picked tutors and expert speech therapy with custom plans for each students builds confidence and perfect formula for learning. Now that’s something to celebrate!

There is never enough time

Stop Spending Precious Family Time Fighting the Homework Battle

The average American family spends less than 37 mins of quality time together. At Sophos Speech & Academic Support, we provide individualized academic support, so you can enjoy family time without the homework battle.



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Your Child

We customize curriculum for all subjects. Enjoy flexible student-centered scheduling and our private state-of-the-art learning facility. Reach your tutor online, in-home, or in-center.

Completely Customized

Accessing Your Tutor is Easy

At Your Location

We can come to you.  We offer sessions in-home, on campus, or at any other convenient location. 

Tutoring Facility

Our spacious, custom-built center offers each student a private, focused workspace. 

Virtual Tutoring

Easily accessible virtual sessions mean uninterrupted learning, regardless of your location. 

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